Your store interior determines your success

A shopping interior is a matter of taste, that’s true. Nevertheless, the interior greatly contributes to your success, because it makes sure that a customer feels at home in your store.
The interior determines whether the customer’s visit is one-off or that he will grow into a regular customer. A commercially tinted shop interior is thus more than just a nice floor and a nice color of the cabinets. For a custom design of your new or existing shop interior, you are at the right place at Standbouw Prins Design.
We design, supply and build not only stock markets and trade shows throughout Europe but also take care of the design and realization of your shop interior.

Specialists in shop interior

If you want to maximize success, you can turn on a specialist for your shop interior. Standbouw Prins Design is a full service stand-up company with extensive expertise in design, delivery, construction and organization of, among others:

  • Wood construction, unprecedented flexibility and possibilities
  • Modular system building, the standard, fixed elements to save costs
  • Interior design, from showrooms to shop interiors
  • Portable systems, such as banners and displays

Our shop interior specialists will work with you for the right layout of your shop. You have the expertise of the product, we set it up and together, we seduce your customers to buy. Our designs are distinguished in terms of creativity, originality and craftsmanship. Service is also paramount to us, we work quickly and efficiently and use clear language. In consultation, we tailor a customized design that fully fits your wishes, tastes, products, audience and budget. Whatever we realize for you, from the decoration of a wallet to a complete shop interior, we think about everything!

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