Stand construction Den Bosch

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‘S-Hertogenbosch is there for everyone. You will find the nicest picturesque streets, interesting history and breathtaking scenery. Also in the cultural area, ‘s-Hertogenbosch’ is a city to close into your heart.

In this beautiful city are the Brabanthallen’ s-Hertogenbosch. This is a large event complex, where various fairs, congresses, concerts and other large-scale meetings are organized each year.

Are you looking for a stand construction company in Den Bosch? Call or mail Standbouw Prins Design. We regularly provide stand building in Den Bosch and know the way in and around the expo locations, including the Brabant hallen.

Learn more about us and the possibilities we offer for building construction? Then make an appointment. We are glad to come along and , of course, your are welcome at our office.

Standbouw Prins Design B.V.