Stand construction Hardenberg

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Evenementenhal Hardenberg

The big world is only getter smaller by digitization. At any time and anywhere in the world, people connect with each other through internet, phone, television and so on. However, personal contact between people remains the key to the real encounter: looking in one’s eyes, giving a hand. To this end, Evenementenhal Hardenberg offers the perfect opportunity. Hospitality and professionalism go hand in hand.

Standbouw Prins Design is known with the Evenementenhal. If you are looking for a professional builder, you are at the right place.

During the organization of a scholarship a lot of work will be done.
Standbouw Prins Design takes part or all of the work, if desired.
Requesting technical facilities, ordering furniture or making logos and decorations are just a few examples to ensure that you stay focused on your customers.

Our designers can translate your wishes into a concrete design. We also produce on behalf of architects, advertising agencies and external designers.

With years of experience, Standbouw Prins Design is able to produce any design anywhere in the world. All of these factors determine that your trade show, exhibition or event becomes an unforgettable commercial success.

Standbouw Prins Design B.V.